Siddharth’s First mail after getting a job

> Signed my acceptance letter today.Will join formally on Thursday.Its straight into a project..I wonder how long it’ll be before they find out that I am a complete idiot as far as their work is concerned.I hope they know why they took me in.I for one cant see any reason.There is not a single fresher in my unit.They gave me some documentation to read..called Standard operating procedures.Looks nice..Lots of pictures..Good quality printing…beyond that I cant understand anything.Anyway the circus is going to start soon..Will keep you posted.
> Somehow I dont feel very comfortable now….its better when something or the other goes wrong…and then you can feel bad about it and whine…I think I am an optimist by definition.
> Off now to the office once again,to get an authorization for the medical test.I lost the letter they gave me in the morning.Hmm…I guess I havent really changed.I lost the BPL offer letter the day I got it…I think I left it behind in the Ashoka bar…
> Siddharth

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