! O R L A N D O !

So , finally after phase one of my travels i am now at Orlando, and this place is good! I am rightnow at the computer center at the university of central florida, and everything is impressive. I drove down to orlando from gainesville with a few friends of navin’s, most of them being maharashtrians. there are different kinds of indian grad students here. some open, some closed, with respect to people from other communities. it is indeed surprising to be in a car with four other indians, listening to “chamma chamma” or some other such equally common indian filmi music, listening to them swearing to each other in hindi, each you know kind of cocky and trying to act cool. thats something thats getting to me, everyone is just too obsessed with trying to be cool. well, well, then there are the other indian students, those that behave like they were born in the usa. i guess i will have to fit in somewhere in between, someone who can mix his “wazzups” with his “namastes”!! lets wait and see which way i go.

well, on the way to orlando it started raining and then i noticed that when a rain drop lands on the windshield it starts flowing upwards, instead of downwards. So thats what i did on the trip to orlando, i was watching the raindrops climd up the windshield, pushed up by the invisible wind, when all around were busy with their little games of one-up-manship.

i guess i will never forget seeing the letters that spell out orlando written along an overhead bridge on the road to orlando.

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