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iBook for Sale

I don’t know if the people that used to read my blog read it anymore. There were many that I turned away by not writing regularly (or at all for a while), and by switching the URL for my feed. … Continue reading

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Naming Conventions Ice-breaker

I have been fascinated with names, and how different societies follow different conventions. When it comes to a unique descriptor for a person, it is hard to beat a name, and so I am always interested in knowing more about … Continue reading

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Sharma Popular in USA

“sharma” is surname number 4669 in the USA

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Science Catches Up With Grandma

When I was a little boy, I used to get frequent stomach aches. Almost everytime, my grand mother used to heat a dosa kallu (a flat, heavy non-non-stick frying pan). Then she’d roll up a long piece of cotton cloth, … Continue reading

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Now don’t you wish you could say, like I can, that you are a Smartist (Smarta to be precise), or that you are a follower of Smartism? I guess my claim to be a follower of Smartism is valid. I … Continue reading

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Getting the most out of knowledge workers will be the key to business success for the next quarter century. Here’s how we do it at google. Me read that as “The company with the most employees without an inkling of … Continue reading

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Older Now

I was with a friend when I saw a pretty girl, and I said, “Oh no, she’s just a kid – she must be 18 or 19.” My friend agreed. “So 18 is ‘too young’ now, eh, Carthik?”, said me … Continue reading

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Computers on strike

All my computers are quitting on me. First it was the desktop and now it is the faithful old laptop. I woke up this morning to the sound of a grinder. My hard drive, apparently, thinks it is one now. … Continue reading

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Metal Head

This is the day I got a metal tooth for keeps. No, it is not made of gold. Will the metal detectors at airports always go “beep” now? Can I still put my head in the microwave oven? Is the … Continue reading

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Travelling in India

Update: If you are a friend/foe staying in Bangalore, and would like to talk, or meet, mail me your phone number at mail you-know-what-goes-here and I will call you. It’s been a week since I landed in India now. … Continue reading

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