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UCF doesn’t like Google Desktop

The NOC at UCF posted a warning, asking UCF computer users to not use Google Desktop V3. Good call!

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Good Bye MS Frontpage

Good riddance to bad rubbish. Microsoft will close the book on its FrontPage Web-design program with the release of Office 2007, formerly known as Office 12, late this year. Words fail to express how much I hated Frontpage, for its … Continue reading

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Remove Hidden Data for Microsoft Docs

This microsoft tool will remove the stuffing from your documents. Brief Description With this add-in you can permanently remove hidden data and collaboration data, such as change tracking and comments, from Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint files. The … Continue reading

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Synergy – share mouse and keyboard between computers

One of the main problems I had (about a year ago) with working, or using the computer, when at home, was that I did not have a proper seating arrangement, and so used to end up slouching in the couch, … Continue reading

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Revoking a GPG Key Pair

The Gnu Privacy Handbook stresses the importance of creating a revocation certificate for your gpg keys soon after you create your key-pair(s). Update: the official FAQ lists the following, too, more or less. Why is it that you always find … Continue reading

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Photoshopping Gimp

Long time users of Photoshop, the image editing program (so to speak) may have a problem getting used to Gimp. The first problem is the that it takes some time to get around the question, “Why the heck is software … Continue reading

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Error – No Errors

Now what sort of an error message is this?: Error: Success! (like it was not supposed to succeed at what it was trying to do) Notice the other error message, which is still sane. This used to happen occasionally, and … Continue reading

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Ubuntu Hoary, Tomboy and F-spot

I upgraded to Ubuntu Hoary, which is the next release, coming out sometime in May 2005. It is bleeding edge software under development for the most, but from my experience using it on the work desktop, I know it to … Continue reading

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Map of where I live

Here’s where I live and here’s my daily drive! Thanks to On a side note, I have been thinking of biking the 5 miles daily – should be a good exercise, and could save a little gas money, like … Continue reading

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Phishing, IDN, and Gecko Browsers

Phishing flaw a danger to alternative browsers is interesting, to say the least. Internationalized domain names were introduced so we could have URLs in all languages – not just English. The modern browsers, especially gecko-based ones, like Netscape and Firefox … Continue reading

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